This is an additional injection or withdrawal capacity in MWh/day for existing storage users on an interruptible basis, which can be purchased independent of the storage contract parameters in effect.

Preliminary information regarding the size of interruptible capacities available for the next day can be found on the company website (Currently available interruptible injection capacity and Currently available interruptible withdrawal capacity). The website also provides an overview of performed interruptions.

The price for an interruptible injection or withdrawal capacity is determined by the storage user’s bid. Requests submitted by the highest bidder will be accommodated first irrespective of the time the interruptible capacity request has been submitted.

The minimum prices for interruptible injection or withdrawal capacities are listed in the table below.

Daily interruptible capacity orders can be submitted via our nomination portal at any time prior to the injection date and for multiple days.


Period Injection Withdrawal
  (CZK/MWh) (CZK/MWh)
Daily reservations until 18.00 GD-1 8.00 8.00
Intraday reservations from 18.00 GD-1 until 24.00 GD 9.00 9.00

Valid from 14 April 2022