Additional (daily) working gas volume

The additional (daily) working gas volume is offered in 3 variants and can be provided on the basis of a concluded framework contract. This volume is offered without injection and withdrawal rates – customers can use the permanently offered additional daily firm/interruptible injection and withdrawal rates for gas injection and withdrawal.

  • Daily firm working gas volume – a registered customer may place an order in our nomination portal. The start and duration of the contract are defined by the storage user depending on their own needs and available capacity. Orders are assessed according to the acceptance time stamp, from first to last received.
  • Daily interruptible working gas volume – this is a temporary working gas volume based on interruptible capacity, which serves as additional storage capacity for both new and existing customers. It is offered at any time during a storage period. Based on a request from the storage operator it may be interrupted (depending on the overall remaining capacity of the storage facility) after prior notification (five days), and the customer is then under obligation to release the part of the volume defined by the storage operator. The storage fee is charged only when the service is used and does not contain any flat payment.
  • Temporary Interruptible Counterflow Product – A daily interruptible working gas volume that is discounted when the customer nominates against the flow of the virtual storage. This product is offered for a limited period of time in limited quantities and charged at the special rates set forth in the Price List. See table below for available quantities:
    Storage Period Total Offered Storage Capacity [GWh] Available Storage Capacity [GWh]
    1. 1. – 31. 7. 2024 500 500

The prices for the additional working gas volume are stated in the Price List. Their availability and the maximum reservation time must be consulted with Moravia Gas Storage dispatching. The minimum reservation period is one Gas Day.

Additional Rates

Additional daily rates can be reserved independently from the parameters of a valid storage contract. The (minimum) prices for additional capacities are stated in the Price List. The availability of capacities and the maximum reservation period must be consulted with the Moravia Gas Storage dispatching, and customers may place orders in our nomination portal, or by email, up to 90 days in advance. The minimum reservation period is one Gas Day. Orders for additional rates are assessed according to the acceptance time stamp, from first to last received.

  • Additional daily firm capacity – this is injection or withdrawal capacity in MWh/day on a firm basis. This capacity cannot be interrupted by the storage operator.
  • Additional daily interruptible capacity – this is supplementary injection or withdrawal capacity in MWh/day on an interruptible basis, which the storage operator can interrupt if needed. In the event of reduction, the storage operator will reduce the reserved interruptible capacities based on the price per unit of interruptible injection or withdrawal capacity in order from the lowest price to the highest, while reserved interruptible capacities with the same unit price will be reduced proportionately.

Information on reservation and interruption of daily products can be found here: